BlackBerry Error-0015

How to fix BlackBerry Error 0015

Error 0015 is an error from the software of BlackBerry 10 devices, there is a fatal issue from the reloaded OS, it might got corrupted or deleted. These happens when you tried to reboot the device or restore factory settings too many times.
But you dont have to worry, here are the easy steps to restore your device.
(Note: everything will be deleted from your device So if you havent backup your device before, theres no way to retrieve those files!)

1.)First, you must have a BlackBerry Link installed on your computer, if you dont have it you can download it at
The application size is 152MB.

2.)Open the BlackBerry Link and connect your device, Under the Devices heading, click the device name when it is displayed.
Note: If the device is not detected, at the top-right click Preferences

3.) Lastly, click Under Reload Device Software, click Reload.

It will take you a couple of minites/hours to reload the OS, depending on your internet connection, mine took 4hrs to reload the device!*thanks for the fast and reliable internet here in the Philippines!* lol

But patience is a virtue!:D

My BlackBerry Z10 is now up and running after the error-0015!

Having issues in troubleshooting your device?Let me know..I would be more than happy to help you.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Error-0015

  1. Hi I would like to ask if you know someone from blackberry ph where I can tap as sponsor for future events? Please let me know if you have contacts tanx so much


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