Battle of the Smartwatch

Everyone is talking about smartwatches , so let us take a look on what would be the best smartwatch that will perfectly suits us.

Apple Watch:

The most anticipated, most awaited and the most expensive of all, probably will be released on April.


Asus Zen Watch:

Beautifully crafted with well built specs and reasonable price tag. Asus got a job well done!

Cost: $199.99

LG G Watch R:
One of the best smartwatch,powerful and well equipped device,specs wise and price wise you definetly want to get one.

Cost: $300-$350

Samsung Gear S:
One of the best display out of all the smartwatches, 2 inch amoled display, everything is vibrant and clear. This actually considered a small smartphone rather than a smartwatch,since it has its own sim slot


Sony Smartwatch 3:
This sporty look smartwatch is perfect for someone who ihas an active lifestyle. Well built with design and specs.


Moto 360:
Sets itself apart from the others with circular screen and stylish look but has a poor a battery life and slow processor.


Pebble Time:
One of the heavy duty smartwatch, it will last you a full week without charging, with respectable specs and affordable price, this smartwatch would definetly be a good competitor.


Which one will you pick?
Im hoping that BlackBerry will be in the picture soon!

Edited via BlackBerry Z30


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