Blackberry OS 10.3.1 Features and Tips

Here are some changes from BlackBerry 10.3.1:

Change in UI/App icons:
Icons were flattened and has an additonal column for the apps.

BlackBerry assistant:
BlackBerry Assistant is now better and faster!

Battery Saving Mode:
You can now optimize and increase your battery usage for upto 15%!

Camera Settings:
Has an additional feature of Panorama and Self timer!

Advance Interactions:
You can now lift to wake, flip to mute your device using it sensors!

Few Hidden Features!

Arranging App Widgets-
By pressing and holding the widget you can now rearrange their position.

Mark to Hide:
You can now hide files from your galery by pressing mark to hide and swiping down from the top!

Quick Settings:
You can access quick settings to any app by swiping down two fingers from the top!

what do you think on the new OS?
what else do you want to see on the future updates?
let me hear from you guys!

Edited from my BlackBerry Z30


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