BlackBerry Forever!

Hello there!

The reason why I started this blog is to let the world know how awesome the BlackBerry is!

I started with a Curve way back 2010..then the very elegant and stylish BlackBerry Bold at 2011 then left blackberry with the rise of touchscreen smartphones! I had use Samsung and LG Android Phones, Nokia Windows Phone, and Iphones! Tried every platform for a couple of months to see what would be the best Operating System (OS)!

Then first quarter of 2013 Blackberry releases the new BlackBerry Platform! The BlackBerry 10 OS namely BlackBerry Q10, Z10 and Q5!

With no hesitation I tried and picked the Z10! At first I had a hard time getting use into the OS, its far different from what I used to.. but when I had it for a week.. I saw the beauty of the OS! Fast, Efficient and Productive! Thats how I define the BlackBerry 10 OS!

Fast- a 2GB of RAM for a not too demanding platform makes it fast and fluid to use!

Efficient- with a gesture based platform, you can switch app from one app to another with ease! 

Productive- also has a true multi tasking! And has the best virtual keyboard I had ever tried! 


It may be a toddler OS, but BlackBerry has gone so far since theyve release the first 10 OS, 

We now have the 10.3.1 OS which make it more Fast! More Efficient and more Productive!

Unfortunately,BlackBerry platform is underrated, and iam here to change peoples perception about BlackBerry 10 OS!

Now, iam using the BlackBerry Z30!
Theyve  already released the beast BlackBerry passport and the classic!

Iam telling you guys!

Black is back!

posted on my very awesome BlackBerry Z30!

Claro Castillanes


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